Don’t get into Gaming!

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Gaming is a bad hobby to get into. It’s a huge time sink and it ends up expensive. You might wonder if I’ve suddenly cracked up. No, don’t worry, I’ve simply been pondering just how much it’s cost me and that’s only right this second! I haven’t even begun to think how much previous generation of games purchases has cost me. I realised this when I looked at my collection last night and thought ‘Right I need to sell some of these off’. Let’s break it down a bit, as well as my reasoning for why I can’t sell them, if relevant.

Not worth selling due to non-existent value:
Blue Dragon – I need to complete it anyhow
Football Manager 2006, 2007, 2008
Forza 2
Pro Evo 6 – only cost me £1.99 anyway

Emotional Value:
Assassin’s Creed – last game my Dad bought me.
Brothers in Arms – this may get sold on though.
Dynasty Warriors 5
Grand Theft Auto IV – I need to finish it too!
Perfect Dark Zero

Classic I can’t bear to sell on:
Bioshock Steel Tin
Burnout Paradise/Trivial Pursuit – perhaps not a classic but Trivial Pursuit in particular is ideal for multiplayer
Call of Duty 2
Dead Rising
Fable 2
Fallout 3
Guitar Hero 3
Left4Dead – but then again I’ve not touched it in a long time because I’ve hardly gamed online
Mirror’s Edge – actually it fits nearly all of these categories! But I definitely need to finish it
Scene It – another good multiplayer game
Sega Mega Drive Collection
Viva Pinata

I can sell on as soon as I’m done with:
Dead Space
Guitar Hero:Aerosmith – I think, bit unsure about it.
Resident Evil 5
Silent Hill
Skate 2
The Godfather
Tomb Raider Underworld

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, think of it this way. If I sold each and every one of these games for £5, I would have over £150, probably a lot more as some games would sell for more. How scary is that! That currently works out as around a month’s wages for me. Now obviously I’m not suggesting, we all hang up our game controllers and quit. That would be silly. In my case, games are my main expenditure. I always make sure I can pay the bills first, and I don’t really spend a huge deal on anything else, ever! But when you put it into perspective it is quite scary. Every console I’ve owned, I’ve had at least 20 games for at any one point. Even as a child, I’d scrounge up money for whatever game I was after. It’s amazing I managed it really. I’d best not think about how much money I’d have left over, if I hadn’t been a games addict!

Don’t worry, this is for the most part very tongue in cheek and just me thinking aloud really. I have very few regrets on the games side of things (except for selling my SNES and a few dodgy game purchases), I’m just trying to work out ways of raising more funds. Ironically so that I can buy more games!

I think really a more constructive use of my time would be to get on with completing the games in the last list so that I can sell them on as soon as possible!
Anyway, guess who’s going out now to find a copy of Rock Band 2? Yeah, guilty as charged.

10 thoughts on “Don’t get into Gaming!

  1. brad gallaway

    Ditto on what you said, but I found that a great way to slow down expenditures was to make myself not buy anything until I’ve either finished what’s at hand or decided it’s not worth finishing.

  2. Haly Post author

    Far too sensible for me I think!

  3. borandi

    Me = 170+ games @ ~£12 each = way tooooo much!!! That is probably the reason why I’m in the back end of my student overdraft.

  4. James

    I’ve never been one for trading games. Or DVDs. Or anything. I have at least 150-200 DVDs, around 100 or so books, and I dread to think how many games I have, but I don’t intend on selling any of them. Unless I recognise that I will never ever play/watch/read them again because I didn’t enjoy doing so in the first place, I keep them for that one day (and they do occur) where I fancy dipping into something for old time’s sake. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone back to and completed Spider-Man 2.

    It also helps stave off the human need to have something they no longer own. I enjoyed TimeSplitters 2, but I sold it because I thought I would never want to play it again. About six months later, I developed the urge to play it, and I can’t. I considered buying it again, but that would not only prove to be even more expensive in the long run, I also knew I would get bored with it again.

    Perhaps we all need to be far more selective to the media we buy. Do we need a new game each week/month? Have we finished enough of our previous games to justify buying something new? Why do we even think that these new games will satisfy us more than the old ones?

  5. Haly Post author

    I know I definitely need to be more selective! I’m awful for impulse buys with games and DVDs, then wonder why I bought said item.
    I always keep my old books and DVDs though, as like you, I like the option of going back to them. For some reason, with games I don’t tend to go back as much as I used to. Although the classics I do, and I would never sell. I’ve got plenty of PS1 games in my collection still.
    Maybe it’s just Xbox 360 games that I feel are so expendable.

  6. Michelle

    Interesting points raised. I have thought about the amount I spend on games in the past, but then I realised that it was my passion, bought and paid for by a job I work extremely hard at, so I don’t let it trouble me anymore.

    I do however think very carefully about what I add to my collection – once I buy something it’s rarely sold on or traded. I figure I spend as much a month on games as the average Brit does on fags and booze so it’s swings and roundabouts really 😉

  7. Haly Post author

    I justify it a very similar way! I don’t smoke and rarely drink so that’s where my money goes 🙂

  8. Sinan

    Since I started writing about games, or more accurately since I started not doing the other thing I was doing before that took up all of my time, I’ve found that the only way to handle the increased gameload is to trade games in. If I’m part of the problem, so be it, but I can’t afford not to be!

  9. James

    Worse is when you actually receive games for review, etc. Aside from a couple of impulse buys from the DS bargain bin, I haven’t actually bought a title since the start of the year, and yet I’ve acquired one or two notable games per month.

    The result is the money I used to spend on games is still going on games, so I’m getting double the amount of new titles, half the amount of time to play them, and even less justification for trading them in (partly because I haven’t finished them, and partly because they’ve got a massive “Promotional Copy – Not For Resale” sign on the front of the box) 😉

  10. Haly Post author

    I know what you mean although on a lesser scale. I tend to get a couple of games a month for reviewing purposes and yet I still buy more. It’s madness really!

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