Crackdown and New Essays

I managed to pick up a couple of games since the last update.
Besides renting NBA06 (1000/1000) and NHL06 (Still got it atm so 550/1000), I bought Worms and TMNT on the Marketplace, and Crackdown and Theme Park for the DS. Thank God for trade ins otherwise I’d have had no chance with ‘real’ money!
Worms and TMNT are great but only really for multiplayer fun in my opinion, but still makes it worth the price. I’ve got to work my way through the challenges in Worms too, up to 11 I think.
Crackdown is awesome. I wasn’t hugely impressed by the demo but for some reason decided to give it a go and figured if I didn’t like it, I’d just trade it in and get something else. But it’s really, really good fun. The story is nearly non-existent but the enjoyment potential is huge. It feels a bit like how something like Spiderman should play. See a tall building? Find a route to go up it and climb/jump, simple as that.
I was worried it’d be too much like GTA (a great idea but I just get bored of after a while these days) but it focuses more on the action than the driving and is more platformer ish.

So I think that’ll be taking up plenty of my free time over Easter.
But my time is also being taken up by three essays:
1) Essay on building communities online (Which looks really interesting and really I’ve written a fair bit about the topic before)
2) Essay on the convergence of games and films (Hello game/film tie ins, special effects used in both and how they are both trying to be like each other now)
3) Report on a Game Design idea a group of us had to come up with. My idea didn’t get picked but still got to write a report anyhow.

And in non gaming news, I’ve got to redecorate my room from scratch…..Easter break?

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  1. suarvvve

    In Crackdown, I thought it was a nice when you max out your driving ability. You not only get an achievement (hehe) but you also get the extra abilities of the agency vehicles: SuperCar – front mounted machine guns and SUV: jumping ability 😉

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