Catch up time

Point increase since 4th September: 1275
I’ve been busy writing reviews the last couple of weeks as well as writing some other stuff so not had the time for here. So first up, I point you at the new reviews of S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky and Infinite Undiscovery that you should see to the left of you on the menu or can clicky here. These two have got me to 18 reviews for since November 2007, not bad at all!

Gaming wise, it’s been a bit bitty. Not really sunk my teeth into anything other than the two review games (which doesn’t really count as I had to do that!). I’ve played a bit of Halo 3 on Legendary with friends, started with just one friend but it was getting hard and tedious so now there’s four of us which has made it much quicker and more enjoyable. Got the first three levels done last night, and doing more tonight. Not overly impressed with the game but it’s ok, worth it for a laugh with friends but I doubt I’d play it single player. It was the same with the first two. I played the first one with my ex a few years ago, we played it solidly for the day and it was great fun. But when I had a chance to play it in single player, I really wasn’t interested. We started on Halo 2 but broke up before we finished it so I’ll probably never get that done now. I hope Halo 3 doesn’t have an annoying library part like in Halo 1, that was sooooooo dull! Halo 3 online doesn’t appeal to me at all so doubt I’ll get any multiplayer achievements but I might give it a go.

Played through Prince Caspian slowly. It’s a total Lego Star Wars clone but without the charm. Identical game engine and identical bugs (such as not being able to pick up an item because it’s sticking halfway into a wall), it’s just not overly fun. It’s ok, it passed the time and I stuck by it to 1k it. That’s my only real score whoring I think, otherwise I’ve played purely for fun and gained a few achievements on the way.

I’m still liking Forza 2 but it is getting a bit boring now. The tracks are repeating themselves over and over again, so it’s getting a bit predictable. I love the RPG like elements of collecting all the cars (like Pokemon for petrolheads!) though so I’ll keep working on it. I’m over half way anyway now at level 35ish.

I picked up Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise for £25 when Morrisons were doing a week of cheap games. Paid for it by also buying Guitar Hero on the DS and ebaying it! Selling the review games has also helped me nicely. It’s just like the first game, so if you liked that, you’ll like this. It’s encouraged me to go back to the first game, which I suppose slightly ruins the point!

Birthday’s coming up fast and I keep being asked what game I want….and I don’t actually know! Lots of reasonable games about, but they all look like rentals to me, like Mercs 2 and Force Unleashed. Fable 2 comes out a couple of weeks after my birthday and I’ve got it pre-ordered anyway so that’s no good.

Not bad going that I mentioned in my last entry that I wanted both Viva Pinata:TIP and Infinite Undiscovery and now I have them both! At least I didn’t pay for one of them and hardly paid for the other in the end 🙂

More entries to come eventually….

2 thoughts on “Catch up time

  1. borandi

    I found Halo 3 better on co-op. Online is meh – the matchmaking system is very poor, and the players even more so.

    Force Unleashed has some good gameplay elements worth checking out, but from what I hear it’s quite short. Probably too short.

    If you’ve not played it, maybe Too Human is worth a look. Much better in co-op, and its just pure hack-and-slash (with RPG elements) fun. Zero Punctuation didnt care for it much, but my brother was over for a 4 day weekend this weekend and he totalled 26hrs on it.

  2. Kelle Prow

    At long last! I’ve been looking for advice on lego for a little bit and discovered it, my son will likely to be happy!

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