Blog a Day 322of365: Sandwiches

I absolutely adore sandwiches but I’m terribly lazy when it comes to preparing them. Instead I’m going to ramble about my favourite combinations. Exciting isn’t it?

The chicken salad sandwich

When I lived by myself for a year in Stafford and had a ridiculous amount of free time and no money, I had one of these for lunch every day. Every single day. Even when the bread was turning a bit stale.

I’d buy a brown loaf on a Monday morning from Sainsbury’s (it was nicer than Asda’s bread at the time). It’d have tasty, oaty bits on the top which really made it into something special. It would last the week usually unless I was greedy and had more than two slices worth per meal.

The sandwich would consist of mayonnaise instead of butter, lettuce, cucumber, chicken slices (that Bernard Matthews American Fried Chicken stuff) and a plentiful sprinkle of chilli powder. It was godly.

OK. It wasn’t godly but for the price and the fact it filled me up, it was lovely.

The veggie sub

Not the Subway sub, the homemade sub. I like the veggie pattie Subway sub but they’re expensive. When I was laid up with a broken foot, my Mum used to make me veggie subs. She bought these veggie burgers that were surprisingly flat, then she’d stick that in a sub, add lettuce and cucumber and some sweet chilli cheese, pop a couple of slices of processed cheese on it and bung it in the oven. Delicious!

The apple and cheese baguette

Everyone thinks I’m weird for liking these but they’re lovely, honest. I used to buy them in a local cafe but they stopped doing them years ago. Then a place next door to where I used to work once upon a time, did a similar baguette but they bunged celery in it which wasn’t so nice. So I tend to make my own instead.

I buy some crispy French bread from wherever I happen to be. M&S is the nicest but it’s not always convenient. Then I spread cream cheese on it instead of butter, stick some lovely chunks of mature cheddar in and some chunks of a nice, sweet apple, and eat. It’s an odd mix but it works really well. Give it a shot before you judge!

The cheese sandwich

Simple yes, but very effective. It works best with tiger bread, especially those tasty tiger bread rolls you can buy these days.

A rare sandwich where I use butter too, doesn’t happen often. Bung some pickle in if you fancy a bit of extra bite.

I need more sandwich ideas. Meat wise – I only eat chicken really but otherwise throw me your ideas……or something.

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 322of365: Sandwiches

  1. Chris Evans

    That apple and cheese one sounds nice, love apple and cheese together, never tried it in a baguette, also Sainsbury’s TTD Baguette’s are the best 🙂

    There is a lil cafe/sandiwch place nearby that does a great chicken and bacon baguette, nice big chunks of chicken and some gorgeous ham with salad 😀

  2. psymonkee

    I know you only go for chicken but an awesome sammich combo is: Mayo for spread, pastrami, cucumber, lettuce, peppers & jalapenos 😀

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