As demanded by Nokkon

Here’s an update 😛
I’ve been busy with work again but luckily I’ve got my shifts changed now so I just work weekends, they’re long hours but it’s worth it to have the week off!
I’ve also tried to get somewhere with my eventual aims in life. I e-mailed around a few games sites to see if anyone was after a contributor. I then got some interest from who seem like a very nice bunch, I was immediately sent out copies of Moto GP 07 for the PS2 and Darkness Within for the PC. I submitted the review for Darkness Within a few days ago and it is now up on their site 🙂 for the direct link. So I’m happy!
I’ve just been sent out a copy of Tabula Rasa too which should be interesting.

As well as this, I’ve started writing for a forum set up by some old 360 friends of mine at and I’ve just received a promo copy of WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 which will be reviewed by the end of the week too.

So not bad going at all 🙂

For other gaming news, I completed Eternal Sonata and absolutely loved it, I recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs just a teensy bit. I very briefly had The Orange Box then traded it in for Call of Duty 4 which is much better if you ask me. I should also have Mass Effect at the end of the week but I’m away for the weekend so I probably won’t get a chance to play it till Sunday night at the earliest.

I’ve also played a few rental games and arcade games. Got Carcassonne and Hexic 2 free courtesy of XBL being 5 years old which was nice. So all in all 1530 points since last month, not amazing but not bad considering I’ve been pretty busy.

Onwards and upwards! Still aiming to get to 40k by the New Year but I do want to get on with reviews so I’d never leave that slide. Assume the next entry will be a while 😉

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  1. Darren/Kainz Uk

    Allo! May I just say congrats for getting a reviews post on that site. So you’re getting games to review now? I’m envious!

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