So I’ve had quite a run of bad luck in life the last couple of weeks. But it’s ok, optimism is kicking in now at least! Just roll on June and an income again, that’ll solve a fair few of the problems.

Not a huge amount of gaming really. Got to 750/1000 on NHL2k6, and got fed up of trying the penalty shot achievement so gave in and sent it back.
Unfortunately that was last Wednesday and Swapgame still hasn’t received it back…..that could turn expensive.

I also played through Bioncle Heroes, for a kid’s game it was alright. Very easy. Got to 860/1000 but couldn’t be bothered to keep playing to get 100% (It meant playing through the game a second time). I might rent it out again though sometime just to finish it off.

My rental list is pretty much just a load of easy 1000s or near to 1000s.

I did manage to buy Shivering Isles for Oblivion though, got some money for Easter. Didn’t take long to get all the achievements though but I’ll definitely return to it for the other quests.
Also in achievement news, I started playing through Call of Duty 2 on Veteran Difficulty. Have to say it was one of the most intense levels of a game I’ve ever played and it was only the first, and a relatively simple, level! Just really drew me into it.
There was one part where I’d cleared out a corridor and was walking down it, managed to miss one last German soldier and he shot at me, meaning I was very near death. Jumped out my skin!
Really good fun though and very satisfying for me, as really I’m a very average games player although I play loads.

In other news, I wrote up the report on Building Communities. I think it’s pretty good, fingers crossed at least. I’ll upload it later on sometime. It’s not due to be handed in till the 24th so not bad going for me. Still got to write the other two though.

I’ll try to update more, too much personal stuff’s got in the way.

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