To start with, you lot should be very grateful that I’m taking out precious time away from playing Mass Effect for the sake of my few readers here :p
I’ve literally just finished writing up a review for Unreal Tournament 3 (soon to appear on and I’ve got about an hour and a half before I go out to the cinema to see Waitress, I desperately want to start my second playthrough of Mass Effect but I figured I’d deprived you all too much ๐Ÿ˜‰

So what’s happened in this time? Not a huge deal sort of. I’ve written reviews for, namely Darkness Within, Moto GP 07, Tabula Rasa and F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate, with a review of Unreal Tournament 3 up soon; and a copy of Bladestorm for the 360 on the way to review.
Besides this, all I’ve really done is play Mass Effect which is awesome. Flawed but awesome.
There are many things that Mass Effect could have done better, some of the planets look near identical and I hate that bloody Mako vehicle, but the story was captivating which is all that matters in an RPG if you ask me.

And well that’s about it. I’ve played a touch of Guitar Hero 3 which was great, and I’m hoping Santa brings me it for Christmas.

Also of note, hopefully I’ll be soon contributing to The X-Box Domain so wish me luck for when that takes off!

There will be more content soon, just not right now because I have about an hour and 15mins left to play Mass Effect!

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