1) Has the X-Box 360 achievement system affected
games usage?
– This was written for my Msc course, but I do feel I could have written a hell of a lot more if I’d had the time. The entire concept interests me immensely so I’m hoping to extend this at some point in the near future.
2) Games analysis and use of Game Theory – This was also for the Msc course. It’s a short piece on the use of games theory to analyse Maxis’s The Sims. It might be a bit of a rough read if you know nothing of game theory. It was a fair challenge to write!
3) Games Engines: Current Offerings, Comparisons and
– Again for Msc. This is, as the title states, looking at the current offerings games engines have and a bit about the future and what will come of them. It mainly focuses on the Source Engine and Unreal Engine.
4) Are video games becoming the new cinema? What
factors would suggest this to be the case?
– This was for my undergrad course in Media Studies. Again a subject that’s really interested me over the years. Its main examples are the PC games Half Life 2 and Fahrenheit. It’s got a brief bit about the film of Doom too which ironically I thought was quite fun, maybe I don’t have any taste :p
5) Proppellian Analysis of Final Fantasy VII – This looks at the ideas of Vladimir Propp, a Russian Structuralist who looked at Russian Folklore and determined a number of similarities within all folk stories. This essay extends the idea to games, in this case the PS1 and PC RPG Final Fantasy VII.
6) We refuse to show the world as it is. – This essay’s a bit different from the others. It’s not focused on games at all. It’s looking at the portrayal of wars, and primarily the genocides, in the modern media. It’s not pretty, it’s got pictures you might not want to see. So this is your warning, if you’re of a sensitive nature. It was hard to write due to the material but I don’t think it should ever be ignored, which is pretty much what this essay is about. It was for my second year undergrad course.
7) ‘I have Mates all Over the World’ – Cultural Aspects of Multiplayer Gaming – Building Communities Online – This essay looks at the concept of community within gaming. The actual topic is huge, and you could write a dissertation on it or a book quite easily. However I only had limited space as well as time so I tried to look at a bit of everything. I’m not sure if I succeeded really but c’est la vie.
8 ) Synergy of Computer Games and Films – This is much like my earlier essay ‘Are video games becoming the new cinema?’, it’s basically an update of those ideas and maybe with a slight more focus on films than before.

I would greatly appreciate any comments on these essays, whether they be negative or positive. 🙂

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