Blog a Day 34of365: ‘Desk’ (living room)

I don’t have a desk any more. Technically I do but I don’t use it as it just has a pile of junk on it until I finally get round to figuring out how to take it apart. Instead I use my lap in a variety of different rooms. Tonight it’s the turn of the living room.

On my lap is a Dell laptop that’s still mostly shiny and new but I think there’s a few crumbs in the keyboard now. I’m sitting on a red sofa that really needs re-arranging. My right foot is propped up on a stool in front of me to give it a rest.

To the right of me on the armrest is a PS3 control pad without a home (the PS3 is off for repair), a pair of black socks, a PSP, a white DS Lite, a copy of Star Ocean: Second Evolution for the PSP, a copy of DiRT2 for the PC and a red High School Musical memory stick bracelet.

On the small table next to the armrest is a 2l bottle of mineral water, a packet of chocolate hobnobs, an iPhone charger, a God of War: Chains of Olympus UMD, Dell restore discs, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King box and Age of Empires III.

About 5-6 feet in front of me is the ancient TV unit that needs tidying. On top of it a pile of blank DVDs, an Xbox 360, a DVD recorder and Virgin + box. Next to the TV unit is a brick stand that’s been here decades as it’d be a bastard to get rid of, that has extension cables and a 32″ TV on it. The brick stand is hideously 1970s.

Inside the TV unit is a VCR that hasn’t been plugged in for years, and a huge pile of videos. Mostly Disney videos, a Friends video and a kids’ video in French.

On the floor in front of the TV unit and stand is a Nintendo Wii, A Boy and His Blob, Scene It: Lights, Camera Action and buzzers, and two Guitar Hero guitars. Oh and my pair of skechers trainers.