Blog a Day 9of365: Mind blank

I’ve been out all day visiting relatives for my cousin’s 10th birthday. I had grand plans while sitting in the car on the way home to write something truly amazing, something that would demonstrate that I’m at least half as intelligent as the others participating in the OneaDay challenge. Then I got home and realised it was Saturday evening and I couldn’t be arsed.

I considered retreating to a safety net, then realised I didn’t actually have one. Probably a rookie mistake for this sort of challenge. I thought maybe I could write up a favourite recipe, nope my mind was a total blank. So I looked for inspiration from other participants. Along the way I read JazMcDougall’s post and donated a few quid to a charity that really deserves all it can get. Then I realised that I still didn’t know what to write about. My mind a total utter blank excluding the strong urge to cook my home made chicken curry, watch a film on TV, play a game then go to my nice warm bed.
Crap I must be getting old.

I’ll leave you with a Youtube video which my cousin tormented me with earlier, as she reckons it’s the best Christmas song/video ever. It’s quite clearly not.

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