Blog a Day 99of365: Everyone has an opinion

Opinions are fun aren’t they? At times people get so ridiculously uppity when someone else dares to disagree with them on an issue close to their heart.

I’d like to point out early on that this hasn’t been provoked by anyone today, just general musing by myself.

I’m as bad as anyone else. I saw Shutter Island on Wednesday and thought it was brilliant. I went home and read on a few forums and Twitter that some people thought it was boring. The emotional side of my brain instantly dismissed it as insanity but I know that everyone’s allowed to have a different view on things.
It’s the same with Avatar. I thought it was awful nonsense that was at best very pretty to look at, yet others thought it was the greatest film in the world. Idiots… I mean that’s fine if they feel that way.

I’ve noticed the real vitriol seems to surround gaming and football though. I can’t really talk football as although I love the sport and avidly follow the internationals as an England fan, I don’t support a league team. This means that I really don’t get it when normally rational people get so aggressive over it all, nor why it’s always ‘we played well’ etc. I get passionate over the England games but it’s never ‘we’, it’s England. I’m not playing on the pitch (thank God, I’d be crap!) thus it can’t be we. I mean, I don’t mind if people do it at all, I just don’t understand the logic behind it. I’m going off on a tangent now, bugger.

Anyway, games cause a lot of hassle. Most of us have no doubt encountered the fanboy wars. Kids, both physically and mentally, arguing over which console or which game is best. The thing is they’re all the best. If they can provoke such emotion then they’ve all got to be good at something surely. Even as a kid I could see this. Of course I had my favourites (I was a Commodore 64/Sega Megadrive supporter backed up by Sonic NOT Mario) but that didn’t make Mario crap nor the Spectrum/Super Nintendo. It just made it something that I liked slightly less than the others.

I’m the same now. I own a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PSP. On the dark days when I wonder what would happen if I was made unemployed and had to sell some possessions, I wonder what console would go first. I have no idea whatsoever, they all offer me things that I’d really miss. Others though seem all too keen to belittle a system in favour of another system. Really though, they’re all good at different things and if you can afford it, you’d be wise to own them all. This has been the case for as long as I can remember.

I’m fine with opinions. Everyone has one and so they should, it makes people unique and much more interesting. Pushing opinions on others though, that’s just downright irritating.

Perhaps it’s a bit contradictory that I feel this way. After all I’m valiantly trying to make a career out of inflicting my opinion on anyone who’ll read it. I think sometimes people need to remember this though: it’s just an opinion. It can’t hurt you, it doesn’t intend to insult you, it’s discussing a product not your mother, it’s just what I (or whoever’s offering it) think. Take from it what you can but there will still always be awful games/films/books that you thought were great. It’s just going to happen. That’s why I like terrible zombie films and other people sensibly accept they’re awful.

Hmm that was a ramble and a half. I’m tired and feeling increasingly jittery about the forthcoming weekend (another difficult anniversary). My brain doesn’t do focused tonight it seems!

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 99of365: Everyone has an opinion

  1. Pete Davison

    Oh, this drives me nuts. You know where you see it at its absolute worst? Mobile phones. iPhone owners think their device is the best in the world. Android owners think Apple owners are pretentious, but then ruin their argument by getting pretentious themselves about open-source software. People bitch about how many megapixies their phone’s camera has inside it, conveniently ignoring the fact that every phone has a lens and sensor so tiny that no amount of megapixies are ever going to make their pictures look as good as a proper camera. People moan if their phone doesn’t copy and paste. People moan if their phone doesn’t multitask.

    You know what? I say to those people “shut the hell up and just enjoy what you’ve got”. The standard reason given is that people feel the need to justify their purchase by belittling everything else. But there’s really no need for it.

    Look at the iPad, too. Everyone I know who has got their hands on one absolutely loves it and thinks it’s an excellent device. Yet people who have never touched it and have no interest in doing so moan about what it doesn’t do, say they’re going to wait for the “second generation” – FFS, it’s JUST been released!

    Gruuuuu… Enough. 🙂

    < —- Also, you need to add me to this list over here. 🙂

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