Blog a Day 98of365: Fitness levels, a pile of shame and retro games

Ahh a mess and a muddle of a blog entry today. It represents my state of mind perfectly I think!

First up, an advert. I’m soon to be writing for B4HD, a retro gaming site that will focus on retrospectives and gaming articles on pre HD games (pre 2005 in other words). Dan Lipscombe is leading the way but he’s trusting me to be his deputy which is a very nice proposition 🙂
Anyway, have a look at the splash page for the soon to be unleashed site. It’s over at B4HD. Also follow us on Twitter.

I picked up EA Sports Active today thanks to a Gamestation voucher. Hoping it’ll help rebuild my foot. I’ve only had a very brief go but it looks promising. I can’t do the running on the spot exercises but should be able to do most of the others without any difficulty. If it helps my foot just a little bit it’ll be well worth the asking price. Pete Davison sums it up perfectly over at his OneADay blog.

(nearly) Finally, Dan Lipscombe challenged people to list their ‘pile of shame’, games that they own but have yet to complete. So without further ado, my list. It’s actually not quite as long as I expected. Mind you, it doesn’t include DS, iPhone, PS1 or PS2 games. Also I’ve probably forgotten some! An asterisk indicates that I have started the game at least.

Assassins Creed*
Blue Dragon*
Dead Rising*
Final Fantasy XIII*
Forza 2*
Grand Theft Auto 4*
Mirror’s Edge*
Perfect Dark Zero
Tropico 3*

God of War 3*
Katamari Forever
Killzone 2*
Metal Gear Solid 4*

Dead Space Extraction*

Democracy 2*
Doom 1
Doom 2
Doom 3
Hexen 2
Mass Effect 2 (have completed this on the 360 though)
Plants vs Zombies*
Quake 1
Quake 2
Quake 3
Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Burnout Dominator
Final Fantasy 7 (completed for PS1)*
Final Fantasy 8 (completed for PS1)
Locoroco 2
Metal Gear Acid
Silent Hill*
Star Ocean: Second Evolution* (completed on the PS1)
Wild ARMs*


On that note I’m off to play World of Warcraft. Not played it since before Easter and I hear there’s some nice seasonal content to be explored!

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 98of365: Fitness levels, a pile of shame and retro games

  1. Pete Davison

    Thanks for the linkage – and after that lovely linkage, I officially apologise for the crudeness of my latest post 🙂

    Regarding the Pile of Shame… may I direct your attention towards – our semi-regular podcast deals with just this issue. The Pile of Shame for us represents the underdogs and the underappreciated games that there are out there. They sit, unloved, on your shelf for years at a time waiting to be played when there aren’t any triple-A titles out there. But there’s always something to distract you.

    Our podcasts have (extremely) lengthy discussion of just some of these games. Do check us out if you get the chance.

    On another note, B4HD sounds like a great idea – I’d love to write about stuff like that, so I’ll be contacting Dan tomorrow, I think. Put in a good word for me 🙂

  2. Joe DeLia

    While I probably should be mad that you never played these games (KATAMARI DAMACY!!!!!!), I’ll pick an obscure one to talk some mess about. Burnout Dominator is an extremely underrated bit of amazing. I never thought that crashing cars to an Avril Lavigne tune would work out, but it damn sure does.

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