Blog a Day 97of365: Many games have been played

This is the latest I’ve left my OneADay in a while. I’ve been putting it off all evening and now I’m running out of time. Laziness really and a mistake as now I’m even less keen to write than I was when I was vaguely awake earlier this evening! Never mind.

I’ve played a lot of games today. Even more than usual. I haven’t actually played many for very long. Mostly for the sake of a quick piece of research while writing about them or in short bursts thanks to my increasing lethargy.

I started the day with Pokemon: HeartGold. It wasn’t for long. It was just to transfer a new Pokemon to my Pokewalker in preparation for any walking for the day. Sad yes, useful most definitely.

Post physio appointment (OW!), I loaded up Infinite Space to gather some final thoughts for my review. Hardcore DS games certainly do exist. Good game, bit too ambitious for its own sake though. Also really rather long.

Once I’d got some work out of the way I had a relax with God of War 3. It was much needed considering I feel like I’ve spent most of the last few days playing games that make me feel dim, like Infinite Space and Rise of Prussia. It was fun to switch off and simply beat the crap out of things. It’s going to be my destressing game for the next few days I think.

I was rather lucky and won a copy of Scribblenauts which arrived today. Excellent news as it’s a game I’ve regularly nearly bought but never quite have. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews that it seemed a risky purchase. Don’t have to worry about that now though as I have a copy, yay! I’ve only played through the first world but I really like it so far. Its interface is rather awkward but so far I like the freedom of choice I have. Can’t really give a definitive opinion yet as it’s early days but so far, all is good.

I rounded off the night with a quick session of World of Warcraft and the new Sam and Max game.

World of Warcraft was simply so I could log on and double check that I’m sitting in an inn for the sake of rest experience. I am. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll get more time to play it. I have lost the urge slightly admittedly as I’ve hit level 54 and can’t decide where to level up so I keep flitting from one zone to another without accomplishing much.

Can’t say much about the new Sam and Max game as I’m reviewing it in the near future for Resolution. I can say that I loved the first two seasons so I’m really quite pleased to be able to review the first episode of the third season!

Six games in one day isn’t bad going considering I also went to the cinema to see Shutter Island, briefly did some food shopping (well technically cat food shopping) and wrote a few words too.

Oh and can you guess that I had no idea what to write about today so waffled instead? 😉

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 97of365: Many games have been played

  1. Chris Schilling

    You’ve done 97 straight blog posts for One-A-Day. I think you’ve earned the right to have a waffly post!

  2. Rachel

    54? Have you done the cauldrons yet? I’d spam through those, maybe a few Silithus quests, couple of random dungeon pickups (you’ll know in seconds if they’re going to go well) and before you know it you’re 58 and off to the Outlands.

    Otherwise, what Chris said!

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