Blog a Day 95of365: Workmates

So the long weekend is coming to an end. I actually managed to have more of a long weekend than I anticipated. I was meant to be at work Saturday night and most of Sunday afternoon. Saturday evening came around and I had a call to say that I didn’t have to come in as it was quiet which was convenient. Sunday I went to work but was allowed home an hour early as it wasn’t crazy busy. Not bad at all. Granted this meant I lost out on a few hours pay over the course of the weekend but I really didn’t mind this time, it meant that I had quite a relaxing few days.

Work wise I had a bit of a problem earlier in the week. Namely that despite my booking the day off, my boss had rotaed me in to work next Sunday. I needed this day off. It’s the day before the anniversary of my Dad’s death and as regular readers know, the days surrounding my Dad’s birthday were terribly difficult so I’d really rather not have to struggle through work the day before such a time.

Who knows why my boss put me down to work that day despite the fact that it really shouldn’t have happened, but fortunately I got it sorted. I had a word with my assistant manager and he went through my workmates trying to find someone who could cover my shift. I went home after my shift but he was good enough to give me a call at home to say he’d sorted it out and not to worry. It’s things like that which reminds me just how great my workmates are. They really do rally around and look after each other. I’ve been in a fair few jobs and I’ve never known such a great group.

Despite the crappy days at work, it’s things like that which reminds you of how lucky you are.  Nearly every time I go in there to pick up some rentals I leave with a smile on my face because I’ve had a good chat and I can leave feeling wanted. Even when I hopped in on crutches last Summer, people would look genuinely pleased to see me and it’d instantly cheer me up even if I was in a lot of pain at the time.

I’ve no idea when the day will come that I leave this job but I’ve no doubt that when the day eventually comes, I’ll genuinely feel upset to leave. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch.

They rock.

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  1. Rachel

    Aww what a lovely post! Only ever had a couple of places where I genuinely missed the people I worked with. For me, nice colleagues can really make or break how much I enjoy my job.

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