As I’ve been at work most of this afternoon, today seems a good day for the weekly roundup. Only the four articles/reviews this week as a few other pieces haven’t gone live yet.

Music was the first review of mine to go live this week. It’s an extremely well made educational game that’s well worth a look if you want to learn to read and play music. It’s particularly appropriate for kids.

Educational games get a pretty bad write up I’ve noticed. Far too frequently do they manage to either be too much like hard work or too much like a frivolous game, not really teaching you anything. Finally however, I’ve played a game that has really taught me something of great value. No I don’t mean things like standing in front of an explosive barrel is an obvious way to get killed, no this time round I mean a valuable life skill: the ability to fully understand music and all the theory that goes alongside it.

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My March iPhone Picks article went up at It’s been a good time for iPhone gamers, a very good time.

It’s our first iPhone roundup of the year and we’re starting with a bang. With the likes of Broken Sword: Director’s Cut, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Plants vs. Zombies, the iPhone is finally worthy of being referred to as a competent gaming system in the same breath as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. Besides the increasing number of gaming ports, there are also signs of some great original titles such as Cogs and X2 Snowboarding. Without further ado we begin with my personal favourite iPhone game of recent months, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut.

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There was my April Fools themed Rumour Killers which was a good laugh to write and has hopefully entertained. I take a look at Call of Duty 7 RPG, Wii 3 by 2012 and Forrest Gump: The Game.
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I ended the week with a preview of FirstPlay, a new interactive magazine show that will be available on the UK PSN store from Thursday. It’s rather interesting.

Not a day goes by, it seems, without a declaration that print based media are dying out in the face of free information available on the internet. Whether this is actually the case is a topic for another day, but regardless of which side of the argument you fall on, it makes sense that a popular publishing firm such as Future would want to branch out and offer more interactive magazine-esque experiences.

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And that was the week that was!

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