Blog a Day 90of365: Easter

So how will you be spending the 4 day weekend?

I’m hoping to be having as relaxing a time as possible from Friday onwards. It won’t quite happen admittedly. On Friday I’m spending the day visiting my Aunt, Uncle and 2 young cousins along with my ever ‘delightful’ Grandmother. It’ll be great to see my Aunt although it will be rather difficult without my Dad there, especially as it’s only a week until the anniversary of his death. Nonetheless it’ll hopefully be a nice but tiring day.

Saturday I’m working in the evening so no definite plans for the day, hopefully some gaming though, maybe a spot of Lego Rock Band.

Sunday I’m at work for most of the day but hopefully it won’t be too bad as I am working alongside good, chatty people. When I’m home in the evening we’re having a huge roast dinner which will be nice.

I’m not sure if I’m working yet on Monday (should find out tomorrow assuming my boss has sorted out the rota at last) but hopefully not. If I am I’ll just have to think of the money (always handy) but it’d be nice to have the day off like non-shift workers will.

Most of all though I intend on relaxing this long weekend. I spend too much time thinking of the next thing I need to do rather than just relaxing and I’m in dire need of it. The following weekend will be rough anyhow so it’ll be good to just laze about a little. Sometimes I need my brain to stop even though something forces me to keep going. Oh and eating chocolate of course, there will be plenty of that!