Blog a Day 92of365: An Apology to my DS

A few years ago *thinks* December 25th 2005 to be exact I fell asleep while playing Mario Kart DS. It wasn’t the game’s fault. Although not as good as the all-mighty Super Mario Kart on the SNES or even Mario Kart: Double Dash on the Gamecube, it was a perfectly reasonable Mario Kart game. Instead it was my body’s fault. You see I had gastric flu all over the Christmas period that year. I’ve never been so ill in my life.

I started a new job a few days before. The first day I felt very faint at one point but assumed I’d just needed more to drink or eat. I didn’t make it to the second day as I was up the whole night watching the contents of my stomach leave far too quickly. It was an exhausting and debilitating illness that lasted two weeks or so without letting up once. I hardly ate in that time and some days I could hardly drink either. I lost a stone in weight (and I was thin to begin with!) and was incredibly weak by the end of it. But I digress slightly…

I fell asleep while playing Mario Kart DS as I was so exhausted. Most impressively I didn’t crash in the game. By some weird quirk I kept going and was doing as well in the game as before. Granted I was only asleep for about 20 seconds (according to the game clock) and it was only one of the easier races but I still feel bizarrely smug that I managed it.

My DS was used a lot during 2005 and 2006. I played a hell of a lot of Mario 64 DS during the World Cup in 2006. After that though, my DS was forgotten about. Too often I’ve briefly flirted with it and then forgotten it all over again. It’s a shame as it’s a cracking system. My white DS Lite is slowly starting to look a bit maltreated compared to my other systems. It’s a Japanese unit that I bought cheap because it’s got a red fixed pixel. White looked nice once upon a time but now it’s stained with god knows what and is nowhere near as pretty as it once was. Plus it’s suffering from the infamous hinge cracking problem.

I don’t own anywhere near as many DS games as I used to. In fact they’re all games I’ve acquired for reviewing purposes, the rest have all gone elsewhere now. I can’t remember the last time I went out and bought a DS game. It was a close run thing with GTA: Chinatown game but in the end I rented it and now have it for the iPhone instead.

Lately I’ve felt an urge to return to the system. It helps that I’ve been swamped with DS games to review: namely Avalon Code, Music, Phantasy Star Zero, Infinite Space and Pokemon HeartGold. I’ve started to look at the DS shelves in stores once more and I’m increasingly tempted to buy another Ace Attorney game.

Articles like this don’t help of course. The glee that Lewis demonstrates makes me want to go on a mad DS game purchasing spree. I’ve only briefly played Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time for example. Embarrassingly I’ve hardly played a Final Fantasy game on the DS (but I did complete Chrono Trigger) or any of the DS Zeldas. How shameful is that?

I’ve neglected my DS for too long I think. I’m sorry DS I didn’t mean it really. I do love you, I just forget sometimes. I’ll try harder next time.

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  1. Lewis

    I had the gastric flu in January. Most unpleasant. I didn’t sleep for two nights due to those pesky stomach contents.

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