Blog a Day 88of365: A rambley Monday to match a rambley mood

My brain keeps flitting from one thing to another so might as well encompass it all in one entry.

First up, I’m not overly happy with this. Now I don’t mind Claudia Winkleman. Admittedly I get her easily confused with Davina McCall but that’s ok because I don’t mind either of them. They do mindless, mainstream entertainment that I’d never watch but they do it just fine even if they are a bit giggley for my liking. She was bearable during the Oscars coverage but I didn’t really trust her opinions and she didn’t seem as professional as I’d have liked.

I really like the Film xxxx show though. Barry Norman was a little old fashioned for my taste but he was ridiculously knowledgeable so I’ll accept the odd weird choice by him. Jonathan Ross was ideal for me. He could go from analysing an arthouse or indie film in great detail to then admitting that a mindless rom-com was still entertaining and a worthwhile way of spending a Saturday afternoon. Plus he was a comic book fan, bonus! So I could actually trust him when it came to the likes of Iron Man and Watchmen. I think it’s a terrible shame but I can’t blame him considering the way he was thrown to the lions by his employer after his moment of stupidity.

Claudia Winkleman though? Ugh. I can see Film xxxx turning into a 7.30pm show that’s about as respectable as most tabloids’ film coverage is now. I’ve no doubt there’s a market for it, it’s just not me!

Having said that, the sensible part of me will adjust my thinking appropriately by September and I’ll give the revamped show a shot. It’s only fair after all.

On another note….I did some quality bargain hunting today while I was out shopping. Thanks to the Gamestation sale and the £3 I had left on my Trade-in card, I picked up Dodgeball on Blu-ray for 98p. I’ve got it on DVD and I can’t see the Blu-ray being much of an upgrade but for that price it seemed silly to say no!

Besides that I picked up a boxless copy of Kingdom Hearts in HMV for 48p. Ridiculously good price for the original even without the box. Not played it in years so was rather happy. Got home and opened the box. Turns out it’s not Kingdom Hearts 1, instead it’s Kingdom Hearts 2 which is much better news for me as I’ve never played it! So I’ve now got a Kingdom Hearts 2 disc and a Kingdom Hearts 1 manual but that’s ok, especially for the price of a chocolate bar.

Anyway that’ll do, I’ve got chilli that needs cooking.

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  1. Lewis

    Hang on – Winkleman? Obviously very famous for her film criticism. ¬_¬

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