Blog a day 8of365: A life of perpetual homework

All kids hate homework. I mean who seriously wants to bring work home with them? Er me it seems.

You see I love working from home. Always have. Being home educated from 6 till 16 probably helped in that admittedly, but fortunately I’ve always been pretty good at motivating myself and managing my time. I say pretty good. Like everyone else I have my lapses, the days where I’d really rather just lounge about or play games purely for fun, but for the most part I’m not bad.

I’m also (very secretly) a bit of a workaholic when it comes to things that I love doing. I’ll work till the early hours of the morning quite easily. This is usually down to the fact I’ve spread myself too thin and taken everything offered to me. A bit of a flaw at times and something I need to rectify this year. I’d like to focus on just a few projects and hopefully my writing will actually improve.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m lacking some inspiration today. I’m not entirely sure why but I think it’s mostly down to feeling too lazy. Logging onto my site to discover something broken meaning half of the backend doesn’t work didn’t really help my enthusiasm either, as I’m now probably going to have to reinstall WordPress quite swiftly. Disabling all the plugins doesn’t seem to have sorted it so I’m going to leave it down to sod’s law. Grrr.

Anyway, time to back up my posts, google for a solution and retreat to Football Manager 2010.

Edit: That was a surprise. Within seconds of publishing this, I figured out the solution! Right, now to pursue a new goalkeeper for my side.