Blog a Day 85of365: Lazy Friday night Freewriting

10 minutes start…….now.

I still feel as tired as I did last weekend. Not recovered anywhere near as much as I hoped. Did get plenty of work done at least this week, not enough paid though. I have actually cut back successfully with slightly less to do next week. I’ve learnt to say no, hurrah! Also rather proud of myself for turning around Prison Break: The Conspiracy in the space of a couple of days.

Watching QI at the moment. If only my brain could take in the various facts I’ve heard on it. Next up after that Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Yeah I know how to live an exciting life on a Friday. Might play some WoW during it, hmm or maybe get some writing done to make Monday less busy then inevitably the rest of the week less busy too. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll have a shorter To Do list for the following week and more time to research things and pursue more interesting things to write about. I’m going about it the right way at least.

Working tomorrow night but otherwise a lazy weekend which will be very nice. One free of stress with a bit of luck too. I’m so, so bad at relaxing these days. I can’t stop doing things even though I really should sometime. The fear that if I’m properly lazy for a day, I won’t be able to regain my willpower and just dwell. Bah.

A weekend of Final Fantasy XIII, Bioshock 2 and a return to Bayoonetta sounds an excellent plan. Bayoonetta? Hmm, sounds more family friend. Bugger how long have I been writing this? Think I forgot to time myself…..yup I did. Erm think that’s about 5 minutes, 5 more minutes of rambling nonsense. One day I’ll return to more structured entries but for now, brain splurges. And just like that my brain is empty…erm…..spoons….I don’t know why spoons have entered my head. No good.

I automatically divide this up into paragraphs but I’m trying to resist correcting any errors hence Bayoonetta. I think I prefer it being called Bayoonetta anyhow. 3 minutes left. I’m definitely slowing. Brain’s slowing to be fair.

It’s daft that I own 8 Blu-rays yet I’ve only actually watched 2 of them. Absolutely ridiculous. Should rectify that at some point. I’m as bad with DVDs. I’ve probably got 150 of them and I dread to think how many I haven’t watched. I realised earlier that I own Welcome to Sarejevo. I’ve owned it 7 years and I sitll haven’t watched it. How silly.

Ooh 10 minutes up.