Blog a Day 83of365: The Cinema

I’m a big cinema buff and try to go every week. It’s all thanks to Orange Wednesday for the most part. If we had to pay £10 a time it’d be a rare treat but I’m lucky and can go in the daytime making it only £5.05 for the two of us.

I appreciate all the complaints about the cinema but I adore it anyway. I’ve had the same problems. I’ve been and had to suffer the odd kick to my seat, talking, excessive rustling of food packets and worst of all: idiots who text throughout the film, but I still go. It’s perfect escapism that doesn’t quite work on the small screen.

I can sit back and absorb the trailers and the film. Everything in life just feels that little bit better for 2 hours. I can’t stop for five minutes and do a quick bit of work, or have to answer the phone or an email. All I can do is sit there and take it in. Perfect.

At the cinema I tend to see slightly different films than I do on the small screen. Anything with dramatic special effects, I have to see at the cinema. The Dark Knight was particularly stunning. ‘Big’ films on the whole are great to see there, especially on the first week of showing.

I remember seeing Casino Royale with my parents in a packed cinema. Besides the film being brilliant, so were the audience. They were silent throughout, enthralled by it all. You could feel tension building in the cinema during tense moments as people were so caught up in it. One memorable scene where Bond has to try to use a defibrillator on himself, a girl in front of me gasped just as it looked like he was going to die. She must have actually thought Bond could die half way through the film. Brilliant.

Besides the special effects laden and ‘big’ films, I tend to see the frivolous choices: romantic comedies namely. They are of course almost all far from great films but they make for excellent escapism. Which is the name of the game after all.

I do have my exceptions. I won’t see absolutely anything. For example I won’t be seeing Leap Year. It looks absolutely awful even for a Rom Com fan. Plus there’s the likes of Shutter Island, I Love You Philip Morris and The Blind Side to see instead.

Today I went to see Alice in Wonderland. ‘Only’ in 2D as I’d rather save my money than pay the extra for 3D. It was enjoyable though. A little uneven at times maybe. It felt as if Tim Burton and Disney were arguing over the direction of the film. Didn’t like the ending either but overall I found it was a good way of spending a couple of hours.

It was good. The most relaxed I’ve felt all week actually which was nice! It may not be perfect but when it all goes well, nothing can beat the cinema for me.

Roll on a good season of films shortly 🙂 Iron Man 2 is out soon. Hurrah!

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