Blog a Day 84of365: Breakfast and my sleepy stomach

I’ve never been a huge fan of breakfast. As much as I like food, breakfast tends to be entirely functional. Just something to give me energy until lunch.

It doesn’t help that my stomach doesn’t wake up at the same time as me. When I used to work full time it was a bit of an irritant. So many people told me ‘oh you’ll get used to eating first thing’, the same as they told me I’d get used to getting up early every day. I didn’t, and I’d still always choose getting up a bit later. I think it’s just how my brain works. Some people can adapt to the early mornings, I can’t. Although obviously I still do it when required!

I figured back then the best way to train my stomach was to start small and work my way up. The idea of eating a ‘big’ breakfast of two slices of toast and cereal seemed far too difficult a task. So I started with one slice of toast. Even that was a struggle 9 times out of 10. In the end it didn’t matter. I left the job after my Dad’s death and that was that.

Now I mostly just have a bowl of cereal. I’m home in the day anyhow so at least I can snack when needed. Plus being at home means I can wait a bit longer so I typically have breakfast an hour or so after I’ve got up meaning my stomach’s awake enough to be interested. Cereal costs a ridiculous amount for what it is though. Browsing the supermarket shelves, it’s scary how many boxes of cereal cost nearly £3! Which just seems silly for a meal I don’t even consider as a big deal. So I’ve started bargain hunting.

For the last few weeks I’ve only ever bought cereal that is on special offer for less than £1.50. It’s not gone badly. A few weeks ago I had Shreddies, then some new Cheerio things (with nut clusters in) as they were only £1, now I’ve got Weetabix bitesized because they were 2 for £3. I could have had proper sized Weetabix but I thought bitesized might be nice. They’re not; they don’t even taste like Weetabix. They just taste twangy. Which is a bugger as now I’ve got to get through 2 packets worth before I buy any more cereal! Bah.

As a final aside: I do like a cooked breakfast (although without eggs as I’m not keen) but only very rarely. Plus the cooked breakfast tends to actually be at lunch time or dinner time. Again, seems a waste at the start of the day for me!

Me? Nocturnal? Yup!

4 thoughts on “Blog a Day 84of365: Breakfast and my sleepy stomach

  1. Psymonkee

    Bah! I was going to suggest some awesomeness in the form of bacon + scrambled eggs or even an omelette but if your not keen then that’s a no go 🙁

  2. Rachel

    I have porridge. £1.78 for a big bag of good quality organic jumbo oats. Nutritious, sustaining, and the bag lasts for weeks!

  3. Lewis

    Since I’ve been living on my own I don’t think I’ve even once bought breakfast material.

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