A delayed weekly roundup but one that has a few articles I’m quite pleased with.

First of all, Half Minute Hero. A game that I enjoyed so much that I reviewed it twice!

In chronological order, Nidzumi’s first here:

I’m a very conflicted RPG fan. I adore the epic storylines, the tactical nature of the battle systems, even the inventory micromanagement. However I have the attention span of a goldfish. This makes the great levels of patience needed in the early few hours of nearly every RPG very difficult to bear. So many of them require saintly levels of patience in order to get through the plodding pace of the prologue and reach the real meat of the game and its story. I don’t blame those who don’t manage it. As much as I absolutely love RPGs I can see why those with limited free-time due to real life commitments don’t persevere. Half Minute Hero does away with all the delayed gratification, providing instant thrills and a game where plenty can be accomplished in a very short period of time: 30 seconds funnily enough.

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And for VideogameUK here:

Half-Minute Hero is a tour de force of an RPG. There’s no slow, meandering build up that we’ve all seen in other more traditional RPGs. Instead Half-Minute Hero starts fast and never slows down. Understandable really considering each stage has a 30 second time limit attached to it. There’s no time for dilly dallying around here. Fortunately this forms the basis for one of the most compelling games I’ve played on the PSP.

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Then there was Rumor Killers over at TheGameReviews. This week I looked at the possibilities of Final Fantasy XIII-2 appearing, Gran Turismo 5 having Move functionality and some details surrounding the DS2. Full article over this way.

Finally there was my retrospective on Star Ocean: The Second Story. A truly brilliant RPG.

I’d known nothing of Japanese RPGs outside of Final Fantasy until, one day, I read about Star Ocean: The Second Story on a now long forgotten website. It sounded amazing. With the promise of multiple different endings, plenty of side quests in which to participate and a new and exciting combat system, it offered everything I could have possibly wanted. It even had a weird but wonderful skill system, which meant that learning to compose music and pickpocketing could have equal advantages in the world of Expel. I had to have this game. I hadn’t anticipated just how hard this was going to be, though.

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So yeah. Interesting writing week 🙂

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