Blog a Day 80of365: Drained

I feel emotionally drained today. The last two days have really taken it out of me.

I was initially thinking of writing about some childhood memories but I don’t really feel in the mood for it today. It was sparked by an extremely kind message from an old friend that reminded me of happier days.

Today though? I think I’d rather just try to focus on surviving the day for now. I really don’t have the energy to type huge lengthy pieces of prose. Amazing how much energy being emotional can take up.

Unfortunately for me I’ve got work to go to later on. I had enough trouble getting yesterday off work so instead I’m working today. Annoyingly it’s a rare 5 hour shift too. On another week I’d be pleased of the money (lately I’ve been working 2 hours a shift on average) but today it’s going to be a struggle.

Besides the fact I’ve not worked for longer than 3 hours since breaking my foot, I don’t really feel mentally up to serving families for 5 hours. It gets a bit depressing as if the customers are miserable, I want to smack them round the head and tell them to get a grip, and if they’re happy I envy them.

So yeah, not in a people mood today! Much prefer to hide in a box for the remaining part of this weekend. Still, I’ll probably manage to do a suitable impression of a normal person tonight, I invariably do.

Thanks again to those who sent me supportive messages in the last few days 🙂 It’s appreciated in ways that are difficult to describe!

Oh and Weekly Roundup will be up tomorrow, I’m actually quite happy with a few of last week’s pieces for once!