Blog a day 7of365: An excellent shopping trip

I’ve been pretty spoilt today considering it’s just a regular day. I’ve been mostly snowed (or at least iced) in all week so today was the first day where me and my Mum could actually make a trip outdoors. We went out to the local town (city technically but it’s really not big enough to call it that!) centre for a wander. I’m currently rather broke considering I’m hardly working at Blockbuster still, I’m waiting for an writing invoice to be paid and I’ve just splashed out on both Christmas and a new laptop. So in my case it was certainly a matter of window shopping.

However my Mum spoilt me rotten which was rather unexpected but lovely! So I now have some nice bath smellies from Lush, a copy of 360 Gamer annnnnd Star Ocean: Second Evolution for the PSP!

Admittedly in the case of Star Ocean: Second Evolution, I’m paying her back but it’s still awesome.

In case you didn’t know, Star Ocean: Second Evolution is the update to Star Ocean 2 on the Playstation 1. From what I know of it, the only real differences are a graphical boost but that’s fine with me. You see I loved Star Ocean 2, it was one of my favourite RPGs for the Playstation alongside Final Fantasy VII and Suikoden. I had trouble tracking it down originally, eventually coming across a copy on the Chipsworld website for about £40 (a lot for teenage me) but it was worth every penny. I loved its real-time style combat, it felt so different at a time when I assumed RPG combat was all turn based. The wealth of other things to do besides following the main quest was brilliant with the many, many different endings adding great replayability to the affair.

Much like the PS1 version, I had trouble tracking down a copy of Second Evolution. Nowhere online seemed to have any stock of it, and not even eBay had any second hand copies available whenever I looked. So when I popped into Gamestation for a browse and saw it sitting there amongst the other pre-owned titles, I was desperate for it. My bank account was having none of it so I’m immensely grateful to my ever supportive mother for funding it.

Kudos to the Gamestation staff also for being very informed for once. While being served I had a great chat with the two staff members about Dragon Age: Origins, Tales of Vesperia and how much Star Ocean 2 on the Playstation 1 is worth these days.

An excellent shopping trip indeed 🙂

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  1. Dani

    Yay for your mum spoiling you! There’s just something about Lush smellies, though I’m sure you were (just marginally!) happier with games 😉

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