Blog a Day 77of365: Retail Therapy

Retail therapy is damn handy at times and also oh so very alluring. I’m having a rough week, you all know that. Saturday will….I guess that should be would have been my Dad’s birthday. Notably his 65th meaning he’d be retiring at the end of the academic year, making it all the sadder really. Skimming over that as I’m trying to enjoy the brief decent mood I have (I’ll no doubt write more on Saturday), I went shopping and had an excellent time.

Everything just seemed to gel together fine for once.

Moments before I left, I checked my emails and found I’d sold some of my Family Guy boxsets thus gaining £35. Nice start indeed!

I popped into work to return a DVD and have a browse. My unfortunate assistant manager was stuck doing a shift by himself until 5.30 so I stayed to have a chat. While browsing around as I waited for him to finish serving other customers I managed to pick up no less than three games! I rented Battlefield Bad Company 2 for the PS3 after finally tracking down a copy (all the rental copies have been out since release) and then picked up DiRT2 to buy for the PS3. Then just as I was going to the counter I spotted Need for Speed Underground 2 for the Xbox. I loved this game back in the day and completed it on both the PC and PS2. For £1.99 I couldn’t turn it down.

Throw in my discount and DiRT2 and Need For Speed Underground 2 came to £17.52 which wasn’t bad going at all 🙂

After that trip, we went onto the local town centre where I had a wander around Gamestation. I used to love this Gamestation as the staff were very friendly and informed, the manager in particular. Lately though it’s been a little too much like a high street games store where I’ve found myself irritated by pestering sales staff. I figured the manager had moved on.

Looks like things have improved hugely since last time though. Within a couple of minutes the manager I used to know appeared and we had a chat. Turns out he’s off at different stores frequently training other managers. Always nice to go to a store where you feel like a valued customer as he asked how things were going for me and how my Mum was (she’d wandered off elsewhere at the time). I ended up buying 3 PS2 games for £5: SSX3, Jax and Daxter and some puzzle game my Mum wanted. I walked towards the till area to queue up, instantly the manager who was busy with another customer asked one of the other staff to serve me. Decent service indeed! Plus a quick chat with the member of staff about SSX3, Jax and Daxter and the great PS2 games of old.

It’s service like that which encourages me to keep shopping on the high street. I like being able to walk into a store, be treated as an equal and talk games with someone who knows what they’re doing. What I don’t like is walking into somewhere whose staff treat me like I know nothing. There’s a reason why I wander around the whole store, I own every console, it’s not because I’m a girl and I’m lost. It’s certainly not because I’m buying a game for my boyfriend (which GAME staff have asked me before!). It’s because I’m a gamer and I do prefer to buy from shops rather than online, providing the service is there.

Besides that, I need retail therapy. It’s how I cope with tricky times. The first few months after my Dad’s death I bought a ridiculous amount of games. Even bought a Wii two days after he died (it also coincided with my first full time pay cheque) as it made for a great distraction and briefly made me feel human again. It might only ever be a temporary fix but sometimes all you need is a series of temporary fixes to get you through stuff.

As an aside: my apologies anyone reading this who expects anything of me between now and around Monday. My brain is wonky.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 77of365: Retail Therapy

  1. Daniel Lipscombe

    A few things………

    Not “would” have been, IT IS your Dad’s birthday, the day is still as important despite the sadness it brings now. I’ll send you a hug that day 🙂

    Awesome work on the cheap games, I can totally appreciate the need to spend. you mention buying the Wii, I bought a £200 iPod a few days after my Daughter passed, it’s amazing how much it can cheer you up.

    Also, it’s great to have a store like that. my local GAME has a very friendly manager who always stops for a chat if I’m there. Great service, shame about the company though 😉

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