Blog a Day 76of365: RPG Madness

I’ve got a lot of RPGs on the go at the moment which isn’t a bad thing at all. I love RPGs. If I had a life of chocolate and RPGs (and probably a rather nice man too) I’d be a very happy person indeed.

The RPG pile is rather varied at the moment.

There’s the increasingly controversial Final Fantasy XIII which I personally really like despite its flaws. Going to be a tricky one to review though but there’s a while to go yet as I’m only about halfway through I think. Yes it’s linear but I’m on the ‘so are lots of things, XIII is just more obvious about it’ side of things. On that note, have a look over at Sinan Kubba‘s blog entry about this which discusses it so much better than I could tonight!

Then there’s White Knight Chronicles which, well, I just can’t get into. I’m playing through it and it’s fine. That’s the problem though, it feels merely fine. Never really rising to the echelons of impressive. It just doesn’t excite me, or make me want to keep playing. Shame really, mediocrity feels so much more frustrating than anything else. Wasted opportunities and all that.

Half Minute Hero is brilliant, although I’d argue not quite an RPG in the purest form. It frequently felt more like a puzzle game than anything to me. Brilliant though. All PSP owners really should get it.

Final Fantasy 2 on the iPhone is ideal for playing on the move. Great to see how the series has progressed too. Perhaps ironically it feels more open than XIII too! 😉

Pokemon HeartGold has completely stolen my soul just like Pokemon used to in the Red and Blue days. Love it. My Pokewalker is permanently attached to me.

I’ve hardly touched Avalon Code and Star Ocean: The Last Hope yet although both look promising. I quite liked Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the Xbox 360 last year once I accepted it couldn’t be Star Ocean 2 all over again.

Tomorrow I think will be mostly spent in the company of finishing up White Knight Chronicles and getting some time in with Avalon Code.

By the time I’ve finished all these RPGs I’m going to be in dire need of a more reflex based game!

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  1. John Cranston

    Glad to hear Pokemon is just as good as it used to be, I’m really looking forward to getting my copy 🙂

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