Blog a Day 75of365: Backup freewriting time

Freewriting time, yes I’m seriously lacking in inspiration tonight.

I’m tired, more mentally than physically. I had my first big low of the week tonight. I’m expecting quite a few of them this week as I’m dreading the weekend so I guess the fact that I got through Monday and most of Tuesday is good going really. Tiredness didn’t really help it. At least I got my column written today. Would have been nice to get more done (I’ve got a backlog to clear) but I’ll take what I can get! It actually looks like next week could be a bit quieter which is excellent news and all part of the next step sort of thingy. Nearly hit level 50 on Wow which will be nice, been a long while since I last did that! Amazing how much easier it is to level up these days. I need to learn to slow my brain down at the moment, take each day as it comes sort of thing. I’ve said sort of thing too much already. Ooh going out Friday night I’ve just learnt. Only to a family friend’s for a curry but should be nice, not been invited anywhere in a while! Plus probably means some Rock Band. Hopefully I feel more like myself even though it is the day before the crappy day. Watching Fargo again. I feel an urge to rewatch all of the Coen Brothers’ films now, watching A Serious Man tomorrow. Should be good. Yes my life does mostly consist of watching films and playing games. Social life seriously needs some work, where do you meet people outside of work though? Especially when you’re stupidly broke. Oh yeah, meant to be thinking one day at a time….*reverses* This is proper rambling I fear, poor readers. I keep stopping and daydreaming too. Oh. Has it been 10 minutes already? Hmm I normally type 80-90 words per minute, obviously inspiration truly was lacking tonight. Oh well, that’ll do then for one night. Did I mention that this was a pure filler entry? Yes? Oh. Good.

Aww damn just noticed this is entry 75. What a weak way of hitting such a decent number! I’ll be better tomorrow honest. I was even planning to write about what constitutes an RPG after an interesting debate on Twitter. But lethargy won. Boo.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 75of365: Backup freewriting time

  1. Rachel

    Funnily enough mine started out as a filler entry today… was curled up in bed with a filthy nasty cold and initially pretty much planned to just use the test card plus the obligatory one paragraph!

    Still don’t know what it is you’re dreading on Saturday, but sending you huge hugs regardless.

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