The problem with having a dull day while partaking in OneADay is it makes it really difficult to know what to talk about. Usually something inspires me during the day and words come flowing out of me, or something like that.

Today though? Meh.

It could have gone a lot worse. I woke up thinking ‘Ugh Monday, go away’ which is never a promising start really. Fortunately when I checked my inbox things improved quite a bit thanks to a rather pleasing email which I’ll announce…er…at some point.

That gave me the impetus to get on with my plans for the day. Thus one retrospective piece was written and one review too. I also went to physio and got royally tortured thanks to a ‘programme’ of lunges, having a ball thrown at me while standing on one foot and marching on the spot while standing on a trampoline. That was knackering!

I ‘ended’ the day playing White Knight Chronicles rather than succumbing to Final Fantasy XIII. I still can’t decide what to make of it. Aargh. Hopefully by the end I’ll have figured it out!

So it was a partially productive day really but it doesn’t feel that way. Maybe it’s because I know there’s still lots left to do this week. Plus I don’t want this week, it ends a bit crap on Saturday so I’d really just rather skip the whole thing and move onto next Monday.

Anyway, I think that will do for one blog entry. Poor but I’m not giving up! Time to go cook some Bubble and Squeak for dinner 🙂

Oh and on a final yayworthy note (I’ve just invented that word ;)) Chris Schilling reckons one of my blog entries of last week is worthy of his picks of the week! Hurrah.

Blog a Day 74of365: Killing Time