Blog a Day 73of365: Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day today in the UK as mostly everyone should know by now.

My Mum is amazing: it’s a cliché perhaps but an entirely accurate one. I know I’m very lucky to have her, to have someone in my life who is not only my parent but also a best friend. Not everyone gets to have that.

We’ve always been very close but since my Dad’s death we’ve been even closer.

We work well as a team and I know that she’ll always back me up, and the same in return. She stands by me in pursuing my ambitions (which considering my ambition mostly involves writing about games and being paid for it is a big request!) and I know that all she ever wants is for me to be happy, however that manifests itself.

I can talk to her about anything without fear of judgement or being berated.

She rocks simply put, and I’ve no idea what I’d do without her.

We spent a lovely day doing pretty much what she wanted. Conveniently this meant that we watched a crappy but entertaining comedy horror film, played Lego Rock Band and Scene It, then had a huge roast dinner while watching Dancing on Ice. This wasn’t far off my ideal way of spending a Sunday!