Hmm the quieter week/workload didn’t work out. Two reasons for this. First of all the severe lack of sleep made a lot of things delayed which messed up my fairly organised plans. It’s also meant that I’ve now got more to do next week than I wanted which is a pain as I’m expecting next week to be stressful as it is! Second of all, I kept getting offered games that interested me to review and couldn’t resist. I’m really going to have to learn I think.

Anyway, just the three reviews this week.

First up is Disney Sing It: Pop Hits for the Wii. Embarrassingly it’s quite good fun really.

Back when I was younger, I had the likes of The Jungle Book, Aladdin and The Lion King to sing along to. Rather impressively (well I think so at least) I can still remember all the words to half a dozen animated Disney films. Perhaps a useless piece of knowledge but it gives me a nice warm, fuzzy feeling. Now though, Disney music is all about Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers and High School Musical. The cynic in me might complain and lament the loss of ‘proper’ Disney music, but the kids like it so it’s obviously doing something right. This is where we come to Disney Sing It: Pop Hits. You see, if you’re over the age of about 15, this is your idea of hell. Worst of all is, if you’re a parent it’s a form of hell that you won’t be able to escape as your kids will love it.

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Then there was Phantasy Star 0 for Nidzumi. Really rather disappointing 🙁

As clichéd as it sounds Phantasy Star 0 is a game of two halves. While the online side of things is well worth a play, providing you have friends to play alongside, there’s not much fun to be had with the single player half of the game. It’s all just a little too generic.

Starting out is a bit of a slog. Although the character customisation options are quite varied, it all feels a little standard with a few choices of class and race that everyone has seen countless times before within the genre. Of course that doesn’t matter if the story is compelling, but unfortunately this isn’t the case in Phantasy Star Zero. It all feels a little predictable. Some efforts are made to make things more interesting, such as the different branches taken depending on what race you have chosen, but ultimately it’s all been done before.

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Finally, Peggle for the PS3. Not much that can be said really, it’s Peggle!

Ahh Peggle. What is there left to say about it? It’s a casual gaming phenomenon and rightly so as it’s brilliant fun. The premise is simple as always when it comes to casual puzzle games: fire a ball at orange pegs and try to clear them all within 10 balls. During Peggle’s story mode you come across ten different ‘masters’, colourful animals who can all lend you a hand via the green pegs. Simple yet brilliant.

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And that’s a wrap for one week. Plenty more next week no doubt.

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