Blog a day 6of365: The battle (& the ramble) of the MMO

I currently have a lot of MMOs installed, 5 to be exact: Star Trek Online, Aion, Fallen Earth, World of Warcraft and Everquest 1. That’s not forgetting the fact I have copies of Everquest 2, Eve Online, Age of Conan, Dark Ages of Camelot, Champions Online, Lord of the Rings Online, City of Villains and even Tabula Rasa upstairs. It’s a hell of a lot of choice.

When I first started playing MMOs back in the early part of the century (way to phrase it in a way that makes me sound ancient!), I only really remember there being two choices: Everquest or Dark Ages of Camelot. The decision was made even simpler considering I knew someone who played Everquest but no one who played DAoC. It was tough to start out so it made sense to stick to Everquest, purely for the sake of gaining a few items from my friend. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. To the point of obsession really. I still spent time with friends and family, I still achieved 3 decent A-Levels in that time, but it did consume a hell of a lot of my thoughts. I can distinctly remember sitting in an Ancient History class one Friday afternoon thinking of frogloks and how I was going to explore Lower Guk over the weekend. Yet no one at college had a clue about my obsession and I came across as a quite well balanced member of society. There were many, many nights of staying up till 4-5am to get everything done though!

After finishing my A Levels, I stopped entirely. I didn’t have much time for it during exam season and in the end, I faded away from Everquest. It had lost its hold on me and I started playing Counterstrike instead. I’ve still got my account details and I’ve recently reinstalled it but I haven’t yet loaded it up. It’s been 6 years since I played it regularly and I’ve no doubt it will have changed hugely. I doubt it’s got the magic it once had. The many afternoons and evenings spent raiding the likes of Kael and the various Planes. Happy days.

When World of Warcraft came around I was excited. I was in the closed beta alongside my boyfriend of the time and it was great fun. It never captured my attention like Everquest did though, despite how much I wanted it to. Instead I played it mostly because so did my boyfriend and mutual friends. Once the relationship ended so did my infatuation with Night Elves. I returned every now and then especially when the new expansion packs emerged but it wasn’t the same. Much like Everquest though, I still have an urge to go back once in a while and I suspect I will very soon, especially as Catalcysm is due this year.

I still look for the game that gives me the same feeling that Everquest did, or even just the feelings the early days of Warcraft gave me. Aion nearly did it. I loved the start of that but I think the lack of friends playing it alongside me made it drab too quickly. I’ll certainly return though. Lord of the Rings Online had great potential when I last saw it but I never had the time to fully devote to it once I finished reviewing it. As an aside, reviewing MMOs is bloody hard to do well in a short space of time!

So what am I going to do now then?

I’ve got Fallen Earth staring at me which I’ll almost certainly be trying out later tonight, unless Star Trek Online hurries up and finishes patching of course. I’d like to say something about Star Trek actually, but I can’t yet.

There’s still that little part of me that really wants to go back to Everquest 1 or World of Warcraft though. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m rather broke at the moment, I probably would have. Instead I’m occupying myself with the Steam bargains I’ve accrued, and this weekend Aion I think. It’s been a little while.