Blog a Day 68of365: Sleep deprivation

I slept very badly again last night. Annoying considering I’d had a couple of more bearable nights and was hoping I was in the clear. Instead, last night was full of more vivid dreams. Ugh.

Waking up feeling drained does not make for a productive day. It really hasn’t been a great day. While I managed to visit work to rent Fantastic Mr Fox and Bioshock 2 (wanted Battlefield Bad Company 2 but all copies were out) and went to Asda so that there’s actually food in the house, nothing else has really been accomplished.

In fact since I’ve got home I’ve felt worse and rather lightheaded which makes me wonder if tonight I’m fighting more than sleep deprivation and that I’ve actually got a virus of some sort. I feel worn out and I’ve got a strong feeling that when I do settle down for some games later, I’ll probably end up falling asleep.

I strongly suspect if this goes on much longer (and I’ve got a bad feeling it will) I’d be best off cutting back a little on some voluntary work and sorting out my head again. Stable, sleeping fine Jen is always better than insomniac, slightly insane Jen after all.

See I’m even talking about myself in the third person now!

But yeah…sorry about the poor entry that’s only really of relevance of myself! Was going to ramble about my fanboy/girl love of Final Fantasy but I’ll leave that for another day.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 68of365: Sleep deprivation

  1. Rachel

    Oh you poor lamb. Huge hugs. If you’re anything like I was, the whole sleep deprivation/stress over lack of sleep turns into one hell of a vicious circle…

    Really hope you sleep better again tonight.

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