Blog a Day 67of365: Radio Silence

I didn’t realise how vital social networking services and news bulletins are for me until today.

You see, I’ve been avoiding the news, Twitter and Facebook for most of the day. I recorded the Oscars last night but didn’t have the chance to watch it all until 1pm this afternoon. Meaning I haven’t been able to read any news, check Twitter or Facebook until nearly 6pm, all in case I find out by accident who won all the awards thus ruining the point a bit.

It’s terrible but I did feel a little lost without any knowledge of the news since Sunday night and not being able to check what was going on in the world of Twitter and Facebook.

It’s also been rather relaxing to be so cut off from the world. I’ve checked my emails but that’s about it.

My evening plan is to play Final Fantasy XIII and that’s about it. Lovely.

Will I regret it tomorrow when I have more to do than if I’d done some work today? Probably, but it’s just what I need I think. It reminds me how to relax. Something I’m absolutely awful at doing.

On a final note, hurrah for the winner of Best Film (and possibly et al, I’m trying to avoid spoilers for those waiting for the highlights 😉 )!!

1 thought on “Blog a Day 67of365: Radio Silence

  1. Mark Brown

    Indeed. My morning routine of Facebook, Twitter and NeoGAF on the iPhone is ruined on a Wednesday as i fear for Lost spoilers! Glad I can watch it when I can be arsed to get out of bed, and not wait for it to air on Sky! I’d go mental!

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