Blog a Day 63of365: Today I…

…Spent copious amounts of time playing Phantasy Star Zero while laying in bed
…Sent a couple of emails – one to a friend, one to follow up on something that I suspect I’ll never get a reply to
…Ate a far too large bowl of Frosted Wheats for breakfast
…Caught up on the news for the day thaks to BBCNews
…Fed the guinea pigs some bonus hay on top of their usual meal simply because it’s nice to see happy guinea pigs
…Buried a deceased goldfish (I’m pretty sure it’s wrong to bury a goldfish that isn’t deceased!)
…Procrastinated excessively by lurking on various forums
…Did the washing up and dreamt of the day we can afford to buy a dishwasher
…Went shopping and returned with some cheese pasties, a fudge brownie and a much needed HDMI cable
…Popped into work and rented District 9 and Up
…Watched Film 2010 with Jonathan Ross
…Cancelled my Lovefilm subscription
…Watched Get Smart while working
…Marvelled as my HDMI cable gave me the ability to switch inputs at a press of a button rather than having to switch cables
…Played an hour or two of Mass Effect 2 while contemplating various things
…Spent some time doubting myself and my writing ability
…Decided it was best to bury my head in the sand while too tired to think clearly
…Ate a very ‘healthy’ dinner of sausages, beans, mushrooms and hash browns (all cooked in olive oil at least)
…Watched District 9
…Wrote this