Blog a Day 61of365: A Plea to Disney

I spent the afternoon watching Aladdin. I was worried it wouldn’t live up to my childhood memories but instead I enjoyed it immensely. It was also borderline disturbing just how much of the script I knew. Certainly a good 99% of it and all the lines of every single song. Even the slightly rubbish one (feel free to guess which one that could be). I watched it probably a good 100 times as a child, no lie. I really did love it.

It reminded me how much I loved The Lion King also. Another film that I haven’t seen in at least 12 years.

I’m slightly desperate for an eventual DVD rerelease or Blu-ray release. It’s bound to happen eventually but I do wish Disney would get on with it. The demand has quite clearly been built to a significant level so Disney, please, just get on with releasing the overpriced Blu-ray Collector’s Edition.

We all know it’ll contain a restored, new shiny improved print of The Lion King. It’ll have a DVD copy included, a digicopy and maybe even a Betamax copy for good measure. It’ll offer countless making-of documentaries that I will never get round to watching, plus a few concept art slideshows that I’ll never see. Maybe there’ll be a few physical goodies too: artcards, a steelbox case or even a cuddly toy. It’ll mostly be pointless tat in the grand scheme of things. But consumerist fool me will still buy it. Just so I can relive the memories. Of course I’ll still fast forward past that scene because it’s bound to cause floods of tears just like before, but I’ll love the rest of it.

It’s been long enough now with no digital copy of The Lion King, so get on with it now please Disney. Right this second now that is.

Actually, not right now. I’m a bit broke after buying the Friends boxset (£23.20!) and I’m still trying to save up to have my sight tested and get new lenses. So erm…….how about May? Is that good for you Disney? Yes? Excellent. Thank you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 61of365: A Plea to Disney

  1. Daniel Lipscombe

    Hate to burst bubbles, but this year sees only two releases as with every year. This year we have – Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 double pack and Beauty and the Beast. You may have to wait at least one more year.


    A self confessed Disney nerd/obsessive.


  2. Psymonkee

    I heard rumblings of a Blu-Ray release, possibly even placeholders on a few sites but nothing since 🙁

    Really need to fill in that gap in my collection….

    (oh and silly backwards countries pay for their sight tests :p)

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