Blog a Day 60of365: Boxsets

I work part time for a *puts on fake advertising voice* ‘major high street rental chain’ which must narrow it down a fair bit considering I’m pretty sure there’s only one rental chain left in the high street!

It’s not bad really, great co-workers and it just about pays the bills. The curse is I’m surrounded by all my favourite forms of media. Surrounded by thousands of DVDs and Blu-rays, a good few hundred games and a ridiculous quantity of junk food, there’s a lot of temptation.

I’ve been extremely good for a few months now, certainly since before Christmas. It’s partly willpower, partly due to being criminally broke due to my hours being so badly cut. I haven’t even bought a packet of crisps, or a bottle of water while there. The water probably being a mistake as I always seem to end up dehydrated after a shift!

The main two things that have tempted me in work lately is The Hangover on Blu-ray and the Friends 10th Anniversary boxset. I justified not purchasing The Hangover for now as I can always rent it again (free rentals, hurrah!) and it’s bound to drop in price eventually.

The Friends boxset however has just been too expensive for me at £50 which is annoying as I’d like to have them all rather than rely on the Virgin TV Choices service which only has half a series at a time. That is until today.

I had to pop into work this morning to have a chat with my boss about something. After that was sorted I hung around for a few minutes to have a chat with my assistant manager about games. As I was talking to him I was idly looking at the shelves behind the counter. There I saw it. A pre-owned copy of the Friends 10th Anniversary boxset for £29! Now £29 seems much more reasonable to me and something I could just about justify to myself (especially as I’m working a few shifts this week rather than my usual pathetic one shift!). I resisted being impulsive though. After all that’s how you end up buying crap that you don’t need/really want, right?

I’ve had the day to think it over. I’m in work at 8 tonight and I’m planning to buy it this time round. That’s assuming it’s still there. It’s usually a quiet day on a Monday and it is behind the counter, partially obscured but knowing my luck someone will have bought it! I don’t think any of my co-workers will so that narrows it down a bit. But still, who knows.

So yes, hopefully after my shift at work I’ll have a Friends boxset alongside me too.

Oh and yeah this is a rather uninspired OneADay. Sorry about that!

3 thoughts on “Blog a Day 60of365: Boxsets

  1. Martin Gaston

    I have watched my Friends DVD boxset more times than I care to mention. It is a wonderful thing to acquire. DO IT.

  2. Daniel Lipscombe

    Buy Friends now, especially as Channel have sole the rights to showing it and will stop in 2011 with Comedy Central taking over and god knows what they will do to it!

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