I was an early adopter of Steam back in 2003 due to being rather forced into it thanks to the latest version of Counterstrike being thrown in with it. I didn’t really rate it at the time. It certainly had potential but it was clunky, buggy and everything was so slow. Plus I couldn’t play any games offline without jumping through hundreds of hoops! Not forgetting the debacle of Half Life 2’s launch…ugh.

So yeah I didn’t get on with Steam very well at all in the early days. In fact I went nowhere near it for a long time once my Counterstrike days were over, and don’t talk to me about Counterstrike:Source. The fanboy in me hated it! Besides a purchase of Uplink, I didn’t go near Steam again until this year.

Fallout 3 appeared on Steam for the bargain price of £13.49 back in July and I couldn’t resist. I realised then that Steam had actually matured and everything worked quite well for the most part. From then onwards I kept half an eye on developments, and well I appear to be converted now. Steam has really come into its own, despite download speeds still being a little slow at peak times.

Throw in their recent holiday sale and I’m now the owner of 62 (!) new games. It’s a curious mix of classics such as Fahrenheit, the Quake and Doom series, Torchlight, Plants vs. Zombies and erm…Pizza Frenzy. It’s brilliant (not Pizza Frenzy which is certainly the weakest of the Popcap Collection) to have so many options, especially considering they all cost under £32 in total (to be fair the Popcap Collection was a present)

In theory I need not buy another game this year really but like that’ll happen 😉

Good job Steam, you’ve redeemed yourself admirably after years of me really disliking you.

Blog a day 5of365: The Redemption of Steam