Blog a Day 59of365: Lazy Sunday

It was extremely busy in work last night. End of the month payday encouraged people to come out and spend I think. It made for a hectic shift where for the first hour or so I was constantly rushing around at speed. Something that my foot really doesn’t like so after about an hour and a half I had to stop and rest my foot for a bit. It only helped briefly but it gave me enough respite to carry on although by 10pm my limp was more pronounced. Luckily as everything was done my assistant manager let me go home 30mins early which was nice! Anyway, I’m a bit fit for nothing today which is a pain.

I also got my work rota for this coming week and my hours have effectively trebled for the week. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, it means I’m finally working my contracted hours (which are far from great as it is!) and I’ll earn more than usual. With my recent hours it means I’ll be earning more in this one week than I have in two weeks since Christmas! However it is a pain for two reasons: my foot quite obviously and my writing workload. While my dayjob hours have been so low, I’ve taken more writing work on. Now it’s all come to catch me out!

Consider this entry as an apology for the next week or so if my entries are rather lacklustre or brief. There’s just going to be a lot to do this week and although I have absolutely no intention of missing an entry, they might be a little poorer in quality than usual!

Today I intend to fully take advantage of my last day off from anything until at least next Sunday. I’m currently watching Die Hard 2 (brilliant as always) then I intend to find some other film to watch and so on and so on. I’ll probably also be playing World of Warcraft on the laptop at the same time. Just hit level 40 with my current Night Elf Hunter. Really enjoying that character at the moment 🙂

Enjoy your lazy Sundays all.