Blog a Day 56of365: Changing Internet Habits

My internet and PC use has changed a lot in recent months. I definitely see my PC as more of a tool than I used to.

Once upon a time I spent hours just messing around on the internet while also living on MSN. It just doesn’t seem to happen any more. Instead my mindset is purely that it’s a tool and sometimes gaming machine.

60% of the time I’m on the PC I’m doing something useful. Whether it be writing a review or article, replying to emails, researching, catching up on news, playing a review game or trying to think of something to write about.

20% of the time is messing around on Twitter…I mean networking through Twitter. But yeah, mostly messing around. Work merges into Twitter though which is handy.

10% of the time is spent browsing forums when I should be doing something useful. There are less forums than there used to be though as they’ve just lost my interest at the moment.

10% of the time is spent playing games for fun. Currently mostly World of Warcraft but my Steam account is mine again (my Mum borrowed it for a while) so probably some Football Manager 2010 and a few random Popcap games too.

It’s a funny old business. I’m sure things will swing back and my PC will be my friend again but for now, it just feels like I should be doing something useful on here instead! And once I’ve finished the useful things by evening or at the weekend, I’d really rather not use the PC unless I’m playing a game. Which is, strangely enough, exactly what I’m going to do now. Hello Football Manager 2010!

1 thought on “Blog a Day 56of365: Changing Internet Habits

  1. Rachel

    Funnily enough, just in this last week I’ve been re-evaluating my PC time. Weird – it’s been a happy/fun thing for so many years!

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