Blog a Day 52of365: My Rock and Roll Life

Ugh it’s 9pm and I’ve only been home an hour since going out at 10am this morning.

For me Sunday is a day of rest. A day where I stay in bed as long as possible until I accept it’s time to get up and achieve absolutely nothing. Usually I achieve a bit too much by getting a piece of writing or two done but for the most part I do very, very little.

Today however it wasn’t to be. I had to go visit my Grandmother (a very, very awkward relationship that would take me thousands of words to accurately discuss the 25 year history and to be honest, I can’t be bothered) which was a fair old strain on the day. On the plus side I went to visit my Aunt, Uncle and two young cousins afterwards which was much more pleasant but still rather tiring. They all live around an hour away so throw in travelling time and I got home about 8pm.

It’s been a long day and this is purely a filler entry. Shameful I know. Another shameful thing is I’m now going to spend the next couple of hours watching V+ed Dancing on Ice which is my very guilty pleasure. I don’t watch reality TV shows normally but I do really enjoy Dancing on Ice. Probably because some random Z list celebrities learn to do something that I’d be absolutely awful at doing. Afterwards I’ll watch the BAFTAs and then bed. Glorious bed.

So yeah that’s how I’m spending my night. How rock and roll is that?