Blog a Day 51of365: Week’s Roundup

A shorter roundup than usual. Not sure how that happened although it has been a bit of a rough week on the non-writing front. Also having to start Rumor Killers all over again after losing the entire first draft probably didn’t help!

I started the week with two reviews of Chime. This one’s for GamePeople:

Chime 360 is a brief, bright experience and similar to Lumines. I found it a wonderfully calming experience – a perfect respite from the busy modern life. But not only this because Chime benefits children’s charities across the world courtesy of OneBigGame.

The rest is here

Then there was the review of Chime for VideogameUK:

Chime seems rather unremarkable at first glance. It just looks like a typical Lumines clone which is true to an extent. Under its surface though it’s actually terrific fun and even better it’s all in aid of a great cause.

Much of Chime’s publicity is down to the fact that it’s OneBigGame’s first title. OneBigGame is a games industry charity initiative which offers all proceeds, from the sale of its games, to charity. It’s a fantastic cause and considering Chime is a bargain 400 points with 60% of its proceeds going to the charity fund, this is reason alone as to why you should get purchasing. There’s a bit more to it though and in exchange for the charitable donation, players get a fun Lumines-esque game.

Full review

Finally was Rumor Killers with a look at whether a new SSX game is on the way as well as a sequel to LittleBigPlanet. That’s over at TheGameReviews

What an oddly brief roundup for the week. Next week will be different though as I’ve just finished my Bioshock 2 review, I’m currently midway through Heavy Rain and Phantasy Star Zero, and there’s a few articles in the pipeline too.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 51of365: Week’s Roundup

  1. Pete

    I really like Chime. I’ve dug (digged? dugg?) anything even vaguely synaesthetic (I’m just making words up now) ever since playing Rez for the first time, and Chime certainly fits the bill well. Kudos to them for including some Philip Glass in there as well as more “mainstream” (for want of a better word) artists, too.

    I am so jealous you’re playing Heavy Rain, but you know that already. Only a few days before I can join you. I have it preordered from HMV so I’m crossing my fingers they pull a Game and ship it early. I finished Mass Effect 2 just in time for it.

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