Blog a Day 50of365: So many things I want to do

Why is there never enough time in the day? Probably because I fill it up with too many things admittedly.

Besides almost always having a full list of writing that needs doing each week due to a perverse need of things to do, there’s still all the other little things.

For example, there’s so many films I need to watch. Films like Citizen Kane I desperately need to see because it’s shameful that I haven’t yet. My Dad was part History lecturer, part Film Studies lecturer and he was always pestering me to see more classics. Now that he’s no longer here, I feel even more like I should get on with it (which is also the case with learning more about periods of history now that the ‘Oracle’ is no longer here).

Besides the old classics, there’s the new films that I’ve accumulated on Blu-ray in recent months like The Dark Knight, Watchmen, Zodiac and Layer Cake. None of these get watched as the time needs to be right, i.e. I need to be awake enough to fully enjoy them and concentrate on the tales. Instead I don’t tend to concentrate on TV/films until in the evening, then I’m too tired to bother.

I’ve got an ever growing collection of books to catch up on. They range from the likes of Charlie Brooker’s latest to Bill Bryson, an idiot’s guide to DNA, various books on the educational benefits of gaming to most of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. I want to read them all. I love reading. But again, that damn time thing gets in the way.

Then there’s the games pile. Oh god, the games pile. The problem with wanting to play everything on every system possible is finding the time. It’s a hell of a lot of work. Even more so when you keep getting sent new games to play (not that I’m complaining at all there!). On my PSP I have so, so much to play. When I bought it, it came with quite a few games. I still need to play Wipeout Pure and Everyone’s Golf from that selection. Throw in Star Ocean 2, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Silent Hill, Wild Arms and Crash Bandicoot 3, there’s quite a lot. Oh and I’d like to return to LittleBigPlanet at some point too. Ooh and a lovely friend is sending me some of his old games soon, yay!

That’s just the PSP.

The PC Steam list is rather long thanks to the Christmas sale. On the Wii an untouched copy of Dead Space Extraction has been staring at me all week. And the 360? Oh so many games that have been half played and left. The same with the PS3 – I desperately want to replay Uncharted 1 and 2 as well as Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Don’t mention the PS2, there’s a frankly ridiculous number of games I want to play more of on there! I’ve lost track of what I want to play on the DS, it’s best I don’t keep a list although I was very excited to have Phantasy Star Zero arrive the other day! Almost as exciting as Heavy Rain.

I’m not complaining at all. It’s brilliant to have so much choice and I am the sort of person that drops in and out of things in short, intense bursts but I think I need to learn to manage my time better.

Or learn to survive without sleep. Yeah that sounds like a perfectly sensible plan.

Oh blog entry number 50. Yay me. I actually did it.

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 50of365: So many things I want to do

  1. Mark Brown

    Just lock me in a fucking room and deliver one game, TV box set, film or book at a time and don’t give me anything else till I post it back through the little flap.

    Sounds good to me.

    Congrats on the big five oh.

  2. Pete

    I hate not having enough time to do things. The trouble is, often once I start doing something I enjoy (like, say, playing Mass Effect 2, which I completed today) I like to do that to the exclusion of all other things. Then I feel that I really should have done some of the other things.

    I’m better on playing one game at a time than I used to be, though. I generally keep one “story-heavy” game on the go at a time, and possibly something “light” or “non-narrative” at the same time.

    And films… I should watch more films. There are so many “classics” that I haven’t seen. Citizen Kane is one of them, so you’re not alone on that one!

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