Blog a Day 49of365: Addicted to the News

I’m a big, big news fan. I’m probably bordering on addicted to it actually. Always have been.

The first thing I do every day is look at the news. Through the years my method has changed. When I was much younger I’d listen to Radio 4 for the news bulletins. During University I’d pick up a copy of The Independent or The Guardian.
Now I look at the BBC news site, watch BBC News 24, look at the Sky News App on my iPhone and peruse the Guardian website. At least I’ve got plenty of choice now!

If I’m out for the day, when I get home the first thing I do is either check the BBC News site or turn on BBC News 24. Just to see if anything else has happened.

I enjoy reading pretty much every section of the news. The business section used to be my least favourite but since the recession kicked in, my interest has grown hugely. Politics is always well worth a read as even though I don’t tend to discuss my political views much online, I’ve certainly got plenty of opinions! Really, every section available has something interesting to look at. Then again I just love acquiring new knowledge, for me knowledge is the single most important thing that anyone can possess.

I had a boyfriend once who couldn’t stand the news and had no interest whatsoever in current affairs. I really couldn’t understand it and I suspect if the relationship had become more serious, it would have been a big factor in our break up. It was a long distance relationship with me frequently the person who did the travelling. Once we met up, I never really got the chance to see any news as he’d always moan. It’d drive me mad.

By the time we’d gone our separate ways and I was waiting in a train station, I felt like a desperate addict. I’d buy a paper as quickly as possible and hunt down a large screen TV that would offer the BBC News 24 ticker running across it. Ah bliss.

I really don’t think I could go out with someone with such a strong dislike of the news any more. It’d drive me mad. I just don’t get it. It changes too much in our world to be ignored so callously.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 49of365: Addicted to the News

  1. Sam

    Channel 4 News is my daily fix – informative, in-depth, and of a better standard than BBC or Sky, in my humble opinion. Plus: Jon Snow, and his ties.

    I watch Newsnight with less frequency, but I also like a lot of their analysis. Late Review (on a Friday) I’ll always try to catch if I’m not out.

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