I’m getting increasingly sleep deprived. I’ve had a cough for about 3 weeks now but it’s (hopefully) reaching its peak now which means all week I’ve had hardly any sleep because I wake myself up with terrible coughing which would make a 50 a day smoker proud. Assuming smokers are proud of their coughs, which I doubt they actually are.

It’s amazing how quickly it runs you down.

Fortunately my day was improved a teensy bit by the arrival of Heavy Rain. A game I’ve been looking forward to for far too long thanks to loving Fahrenheit. Best of all it hasn’t disappointed me yet! The only thing that does disappoint me is the fact that I still need to eat, drink and sleep otherwise it’s all I’d be doing. I’m also rather excited because this is the earliest I’ve ever had a game to review. I’ve had a few games arrive 4-5 days beforehand and plenty arrive for release day, but a full 10 days beforehand? Excellent 🙂

I’ve also got the pesky matter of getting on with finishing Bioshock 2. Ah it’s such a hard life.

Now if only I could earn a bit more money doing this, working life would be grand.

On a non-gloating note: Ugh my eyes ache and I have to get up early to be tortured…I mean go to hydrotherapy.

Blog a Day 48of365: Gloating