Until now I haven’t had much experience with World of Warcraft’s daily quests. I’ve never been the right level as they always seem to be pitched at level 70+ and I’ve somehow never quite reached those levels despite playing since the closed beta days.

However at the moment due to some Valentine’s Day festivities known as Love in the Air, there are a few daily quests that I can participate in. I like them. They’re very simple to complete and only take 10-15 minutes at most to complete while giving me some decent experience. It’s perfect for me when I can’t guarantee how many hours a week I can spare to play.

It’s a little ironic considering I originally wasn’t keen on World of Warcraft because it was too easy to gain experience, but I like it now. Unlike five years ago when I first played it, I don’t have as much free time as I’d like to. It’s nice to be able to drop into an MMORPG for an hour or so and still accomplish something.

I’ve been subscribed for around 6 weeks now and, while playing quite casually, I’m level 34 which isn’t bad going. I’ve got a few decently geared characters on other servers but I wanted to start afresh to see the changes over the past year. It’s certainly become even easier, even when it comes to things like gaining gold which is rather useful. Will I keep playing? I feel more enthusiastic to finally get to the ‘new’ end game rather than my previous exploits of getting to the 60s. It’s about time I do really considering how long I’ve been playing. I certainly hope to be playing Cataclysm providing I can afford it.

Maybe one day my main will be something other than a Night Elf Hunter too. I seem to be far too addicted to rolling them. How can you turn down having a huge tank of an animal alongside you though? 🙂

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