Blog a Day 45of365: Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day in case you’ve been wandering around shops in a blind haze since the start of January. I don’t blame you if you have as the cynic in me wonders why on earth spending excessive amounts on a card and overpriced flowers is the way to go in the course of love. I was as cynical when I was in a relationship so it’s not just bitterness, honest 😉

Anyway I was stumped for an idea for this post then I thought I’d ramble a bit about my perfect romantic day. Call it sentimental nonsense because it is quite frankly. As an aside I’m not actually that bothered about being single. I’m not a mad cat lady or anything…..well I do have a cat and I am slightly deranged at times……erm. Anyway….

I’m going to be stupidly shallow for a brief moment and say if this is all out of my imagination: I’d like a cross between Daniel Craig, Bradley Cooper and maybe a hint of Christian Bale (but not the moodiness nor temper!). But ultimately someone who is intelligent, has a nice smile and makes me laugh, as cheesy as it sounds, is right up my street.

There’d be no breakfast in bed. I don’t really do breakfast other than as a functional meal that gives me energy for the first part of the day. So it would be lost on me and really not worth it. Brunch is much tastier as my stomach always seems to wake up later than the rest of me.

Instead the day would start quite late in the morning as bed is far too comfy, even more so if someone else is in it.

There’d be a romantic walk along the Swansea coastline. Love walking along the ciffs there despite not being a huge beach fan. Then we’d go to a local deli and get some baguettes for lunch. I’d quite fancy cheese and apple providing the shop offered it. If not I’d gladly accept chips from the local chip shop. No salad for me, oh no!

After the walk we’d have a drive around the Gower then head home and play lots and lots of Goldeneye multiplayer. Still the most fun I’ve ever had with a competitive multiplayer game.

Evening would bring a nice home cooked curry and whatever film we felt in the mood for.

Oh and there’d be no cards, no flowers and no need for presents. I’m not really a material sort of person *eyes huge amount of games and DVDs in the corner*…….really I’m not!

Slushy blog entry done. You can all come back now, there will be no more girliness for at least a few days!