Blog a Day 42of365: The words have all vanished

I ran out of words today. What you’re reading here doesn’t actually exist as I ran out of words to type at about 8pm today.

I’d spent most of the day before then typing. There was definitely a review of Bayonetta and A Boy and His Blob. Then there was some other stuff and all the words started blending into one and I’ve lost track of what I’ve actually done. It was going well, very well. Lots of words were let loose all over the Word documents. I was like a machine.

Then it got to 8pm and the words just left me. I had notes written up, a rough plan of what I wanted to talk about. But I couldn’t form sentences any more. I was finished. My brain completely devoid of thought.

Unfortunately for people reading this now, my brain is still devoid of thought even after a brief play of Bioshock 2 at last.

I’m hoping it returns overnight. I’ve still got two more things to write tomorrow morning before I go to work for 4 hours then I can finally have a full weekend off with a bit of luck.

Lucky that I enjoy it all isn’t it? Zzzzzz.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 42of365: The words have all vanished

  1. Rachel

    We’ve all been there! Hope you get a good nights rest and the words come out to play again tomorrow…

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