Blog a Day 40of365: Falafel

I’m a lazy wannabe cook. I don’t like recipes that take hours of preparation. Less than 30 minutes, ideally less than 20 is fine with me. Although I can live with a dinner that needs to simmer for a while.

Today in an effort to expand my culinary horizons, I made falafel burgers. The recipe courtesy of the BBC Good Food site. I changed it a little as I added tomato puree and took out the coriander (I hate coriander). It only took 10-15 minutes which isn’t bad considering how inexperienced I am. Most importantly it tasted nice and even my Mum who normally hates falafel said it was pretty nice. It needs something else added to it I think but it made for a nice, different lunch. Plus I’ve still got enough left over for another lunch or two. Dirt cheap too as its main ingredient was a tin of chickpeas, with spices and onions usually readily available in the house.

So yeah. I’ve achieved something today and it wasn’t even within the confines of a game. Yay me.

I could really do with some future recipe ideas that are quick so feel free to leave some links in the comments. Next plan is cheesecake brownies I think which will be ridiculously unhealthy. Oh and of course an Indian feast on Saturday where I’ll be doing ‘proper’ bombay potatoes and possibly onion bahjis too.

3 thoughts on “Blog a Day 40of365: Falafel

  1. Rachel

    Ooh nice looking recipe! Needs more garlic. Way more garlic. Ground coriander tastes very different to fresh, so might be worth trying? At a guess, the “something else” will probably turn out to be salt…

    Looking forward to hearing about the Indian feast! Keep meaning to try some kind of onion bahji recipe.

    Sounds like a gorgeous lunch though! I’m an absolute sucker for good falafels.

  2. Sam Morris

    I’ve tried making falafel before but it always pails in comparison compared to the local falafel van; they’ve got a crazy falafel contraption and everything.

    BBC Good Food is a great website, I should probably try more things on it.

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