Blog a Day 39of365: Everyone else is talking about it: ME2

I loved Mass Effect 2 and I honestly didn’t expect to. Although I could see why others liked the first game, I wasn’t very impressed. It just didn’t click with me. I hated the Mako vehicle bit and all the identical, bland planets amongst many other niggles. Strangely enough all niggles that fans seem to be all too keen to admit now that ME2 has come along and rectified these irritants (mostly by removing them altogether). Worst of all though I just didn’t find the storyline as compelling as I hoped.

Perhaps strangely I went on to love Dragon Age: Origins despite it having near identical game mechanics to Mass Effect 1 and as many flaws too.

So when it came to Mass Effect 2, I really wasn’t sure if I’d like it. Bioware in recent years were drawing 1-1 in terms of hits for me. It could have gone either way.

Fortunately I loved Mass Effect 2. Sure it had its flaws. Why there was the need to telegraph every single battle with the really obvious covering positions, I don’t know. That was plain sloppy. Plus the RPG elements were practically gone this time round. Something that I’m sure many people liked but I wasn’t so sure. However it was the storyline that hooked me.

Not the main storyline, that was very standard ‘end of the Universe’ fodder, nope it was the sidequests that hooked me. The ‘loyalty’ quests that explained bits and pieces about the various characters that I’d collected along the way. They could have been a little more in depth, perhaps focusing on just a few characters rather than nearly a dozen. However I still really enjoyed it. There were some great stories that I could relate to in some small way.

I’m looking forward to Mass Effect 3. It just might manage to be something incredible.

If you want to hear further rambling from me on Mass Effect 2, take a look over at Gamepeople. Be warned though: there are spoilers so don’t read it till you’ve finished the game!